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OpenGL Terrain Renderer

Pathtracing on the GPU

Physics-based Flight Simulation with OpenGL

A Simple Raytracer written in C

Mia - A Platformer inspired by Celeste

My second attempt at a platformer, which is heavily inspired by the excellent 'Celeste'.


My first attempt at a platformer. Use Arrow Keys to move, Space to punch.

Light Switch Simulator

Click anywhere to turn the light on/off. People visiting the page at the same time will see the state of the light.


A pigeon themed multiplayer browser game.

Attributhülle Calculator

Berechne die Attributhülle eines bestimmten Attributs aus einer Menge von funktionalen Abhängigkeiten F.

Gilt mein Test noch?

A web app that helps you keep track of your covid tests which are needed to visit restaurants in austria.

Flight Simulator

A flight simulator for the F-16C, playable in the browser.

Multiplayer First-Person Shooter

A mobile multiplayer first person shooter game for the browser.

Der beste Kebab in Wien

My journey to find the best kebab in Vienna.

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