Voice Messages Are Terrible

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Jakob Maier
Jul 16, 2022

Voice message are quite popular among users of apps like whatsapp and telegram. They are faster to send than text messages, especially if one wants to send a long message.

However, I don't like voice messages, I don't send them and I resent having to listen to them. The reason is simple: compared to traditional text messages they shift the effort to the recipient instead of the sender. With a text message, the sender has to spend time more or less carefully crafting a message, which can then be read by a glance by the recipient. A voice message is recorded in no time, often containing many uhms and ahs. On the other end the recipient now has to maybe put on headphones, maybe turn up the volume, to listen to a 1 minute message that could have been a two line message read in about 5 seconds.

So when I receive a voice message I automatically assume the sender put 0 effort into the message and could not be bothered to write a proper message.

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